Artist of the Month: June

                                      Sit down with Author & Journalist, Ashleigh S. Wilkerson.

Artist of The Month: May

When it Falls

"When your tears are all cried out
And all you have are your doubts
Because you’ve been in this place many times before
And lord knows I want to try
But just as much as I want to try
I want to cry
But I can’t cause there’s no tears left
Cause they’ve all been put to test
The flood gates opened and they came in so fast
I wish I could have saved them all
For this very moment when I knew I shouldn’t fall
Fall back into your web of lies
The web of hurt, pain, but also happy times
The web of this perfect picture that we’ve painted of ourselves
The picture of what everyone saw
High school sweethearts that stood the test of time
Growing up in a place where love barely survived
Became parents young, and that tested us to the core
Shook the foundation, but we both decided we wanted more
Hard times still came but we finally built something solid
Living in bliss with another on the way
The happiest day when you decided to say for the rest of you life you wanted me to stay
One major slip in communication is when it all started to fade away
Stood by your side because I knew if we put the work in we can turn out much better in the end
But you decided to not ignore the beast within
Now’s the time I can no longer pretend
Pretend that I can fall again and hope for the best
pray that we can finally past this test
But we’ve been here before many times in the past
When the tears came rushing in so fast
Now I wish I had them to comfort me
And just when I think there’s none left one comes to me
It comes for the fact that once I make this choice there’s no turning back."


...And the strongest drug of them all
(and the strongest drug of them all)...Love. 

...And the strongest drug of them all (and the strongest drug of them all)...Love. -Jcole